Sterling Silver Jewellery

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Things You Need To Know When Choosing Sterling Silver Jewellery.

It’s best for one to first understand your fashion sense/ style to get a better understanding of what type of jewellery fits you best. As of late, silver jewellery has really been picking up in terms of trend. Making them a valuable asset of accessories in the fashion industry. Both men and women are stepping up their game by accessorising themselves with such intricacy as silver jewellery tends to be more accessible and easy to style by the mass market. If you’re looking for sterling silver jewellery online in Australia, then you’ve come to the right place! Silver jewellery in Australia has been quite trendy now, especially amongst the youngsters who are always hyped up about fast fashion.

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Reasons You Should Buy Silver Jewellery Online

Silver is a metal that is soft, ductile and malleable that takes a very high polish. It is also commonly used in the process of jewellery making such as the manufacturing of silver jewellery in Australia.

Silver has been very trendy in the jewellery market and various types of silver has been introduced. Many jewellery experts are recommending buyers to purchase the

925 sterling silver jewellery Australia and here are some of the compelling reasons for you to get one.

What is 925 Sterling Silver?

Silver is one of the metals of antiquity that is known and loved by everyone. People have linked silver to luxury for many decades. You might be wondering whether all the silvers are the same. The reality is that fine silver, nickel silver and sterling silver or 925 silver differs in only one aspect, which is the percentage of silver.

Fine silver or also known as pure silver is made out of 99.9% of silver and is the purest form of silver jewellery. Nickel silver, on the other hand, contains no elemental silver at all unless it is plated with silver. The usual formation of nickel silver is 60% copper, 20% nickel and 20% zinc.

And finally, sterling silver is an alloy made out of 92.5% of silver. The silver is then alloyed with 7.5% of copper to create luxurious sterling silver. Currently, sterling silver is used in all type of jewellery, such as necklaces earrings and charms.

The rationale is primarily due to the ability of sterling silver to create looks that are timeless and trendy. You can even find sterling silver jewellery online Australia customised to your personal preference.

The High Durability

One of the top reasons you should buy sterling silver jewellery in Australia is the durability of the jewellery. The 7.5% of copper in sterling silver makes it harder and more durable compared to fine silver.

Pure silver might be too soft and malleable, which makes it more likely to suffer from minimal tarnish.

Easy To Maintain

When the jewellery is taken care of in a satisfactory manner, it can last the owners for a lifetime. It may even look the same after a few decades. The only downside is that the copper may cause the silver to tarnish when in humid conditions.

Nevertheless, this issue can be quickly dealt with by merely cleaning it. The sterling silver will not rust and perish as well making it a good investment for jewellery lovers.

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How Do You Pair Sterling Silver Jewellery With Your Outfits?

From chain necklaces to bracelets and dangling earrings, pairing up your sterling silver jewellery has never been more simpler! Best seen with a casual white top and a pair of jeans, these sterling silver jewellery pieces can also be paired nicely with a more professional look such as those in the office. Delicate rings of silver and gorgeous pieces of silver wristwear will also complement any of your looks, easily making you the centre of attraction wherever you go.


What Are The Differences Between Normal Silver And Sterling Silver?

Normal silver is not as strong sterling silver, in terms of resistance towards getting tarnished. Sterling silver is more durable and suffers from minimal tarnish, making them the ideal choice for most when choosing their choices of accessories.

What Does 925 Sterling Silver Mean?

Sterling 925 Silver refers to the combination of metal types or also known as an alloy. In general, 925 sterling silver contains a combination of multiple metals within it to enhance the strength of a 925 sterling silver product. Most online silver jewellery lovers and collectors in Australia would often opt for sterling silver that was fused with copper as this very combination is said to be very good for sensitive skin.

How Do You Identify Authentic 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery?

The most simplest way for you to identify whether your sterling silver piece is authentic is by checking for the imprint on your 925 sterling silver pieces. Most authentic 925 sterling silver jewellery would have been stamped with “925” somewhere on its hardware. For instance, a “925” stamp can be found in the inside band of a 925 sterling silver ring.