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Things You Need To Know About Pandora’s Charms And Bracelets

Our inspired Pandora charms are out of this world gorgeous! Only on Brilliant Co, you’ll be able to find the best Pandora charms in Australia. If you are searching for some Pandora bracelets in Australia, Brilliant Co has a lot to offer in our online store! From dainty little flowers to adorable animal figurines, we have them all ready and available for you to shop till you drop! Our Pandora inspired charms are super affordable but still come in great shape and quality, something you cannot find elsewhere! Made from high-quality materials and fused with glamorous designs, these little Pandora inspired charms will complete your charm bracelets in no time!

I’m Buying Pandora Bracelets For Her, Which Are The Best Charms Recommendations?

Shopping for your significant other but with a strict budget in mind? Brilliant Co has got you covered. This ever-exclusive Pandora inspired charms collection is filled with tons of charming charms that will stun your loved ones speechless upon receiving them! If you need some ideas or inspirations as to what would be the most ideal piece(s) for gifts, then give our best-selling charms a try! Designed in wondrous floral beauties and engraved with amazing designs, these dainty little charms will make your loved ones smile wider than that a happy chipmunk! Pandora bracelets for her are the perfect gifts for special occasions such as Valentine, birthdays, or even as a special treat for someone you love dearly. Browse the collection on our online jewellery store today and have fun spreading the love around with these beautiful Pandora Inspired Charms!

How Do I Maintain/ Take Care Of Pandoras Bracelets And Charms To Last Longer?

Maintaining and caring for your Pandora inspired charms are pretty simple when done correctly. Brilliant Co strongly recommends you to not get them soaked in water nor in direct contact with any liquid that has an alcoholic base substance as this may induce a reaction towards the overall quality of the charm. It is best for you to store your charms away in safe and cool areas to better prolong their usage.


Do You Offer The Same After-Sales Service As Pandora In Australia?

We do not offer any warranties for the charms/charm bracelets. However, you can purchase with confidence as we offer guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure, and compensation in case there is any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage to your goods!

What’s The Difference Between Buying Charms And Bracelets Here And Pandora In Australia?

We don’t want to brag, but the main difference would definitely be the price as they are only being sold at a portion of Pandora’s price, with the same high quality nonetheless! Pandora’s products might be nice, but so are ours! Don't forget that we sell both Pandora's original and official products as well as the inspired kinds which explains why we have a range of even more selections than them.

Where Should I Go Polish My Pandora Charms And Bracelets Bought From Brilliant Co?

You can do so from the comfort of your own home! With our exclusive jewellery cleaner and cloth, polish away your worries by making them look brand new again in your very own living room! Click the link to check them out!