MiniJumbuk Thermal Quilt - Double - Brilliant Co
MiniJumbuk Thermal Quilt - Double - Brilliant Co
MiniJumbuk Thermal Quilt - Double - Brilliant Co
MiniJumbuk Thermal Quilt - Double - Brilliant Co

MiniJumbuk Thermal Quilt - Double

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Our warmest and most luxurious winter quilt.

  • Ideal for sleepers who always feel the cold, the MiniJumbuk Thermal Wool Quilt provides luxurious warmth while still being lightweight and comfortable.
  • Made using Airlight Technology™, our Thermal Wool Quilt features a 5 layer design enclosed in superlight cotton casing to retain more heat for colder environments.


Developed exclusively by MiniJumbuk, Airlight Technology™ is an advanced process we apply to wool fibre, allowing each layer to trap more air. This innovative design offers superior insulating properties while allowing for the creation of lighter, more comfortable quilts that perfectly regulate sleeping temperature.

MiniJumbuk has crafted a range of five quilts, each with a different number of wool layers to suit your individual sleeping needs.


No Other Fibre Delivers Healthy Sleep Like Wool

Good sleep has the power to rejuvenate the body and leave you feeling more invigorated every day. And a healthy, natural sleep starts with wool. Because wool is a breathable fibre, it regulates the body's temperature throughout the night, keeping you relaxed and comfortable.


  • Double: 180cm x 210cm


  • Casing - superfine sateen 500 thread count
  • Filling - 500gsm Australian Wool


The wool fill in all MiniJumbuk products has been treated with Ultra-Fresh. This is an anti-bacterial treatment that provides lasting freshness and hygiene for effective limitation of dust mites.

Our wool products have been independently tested to international standards and proved to be effective in the control of dust mites, making them suitable for people with allergy and asthma concerns.


The quilt may be machine washed in a front loader washing machine on a gentle, wool cycle, or it can be dry cleaned. However, we recommend regular airing, preferably outside. Regular airing in sunlight will reduce the need for frequent washing.

  • Air and shake out regularly to main loft
  • Warm (40°C) machine wash on wool cycle
  • Do not bleach
  • Dry naturally or tumble dry on low setting
  • May be dry cleaned (air well afterwards)

WARNING : Excess heat and agitation will damage this fine wool product and should be avoided during the cleaning process. Our guarantee does not cover quilts that are incorrectly laundered.


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MiniJumbuk Thermal Quilt - Double - Brilliant Co

MiniJumbuk Thermal Quilt - Double

$451.00 $579.99