The Ultimate Guide to Layering Necklaces .

1st August 2021

Layered necklaces are never out of style. From Jessica Alba, to Cara Delevingne, these celebrities show that layered necklaces are indeed ‘in’ and chic. Layered necklaces are too chaotic, you say? With the right tricks, layering your necklaces shouldn’t be a messy affair. In fact, you can look sophisticated, stylish and on-point with them.


1st August 2021


Begin with a few pieces

To avoid a messy look, begin with layering only a few pieces of necklaces. You can continue to add more as you go along, but if you are a beginner, you may want to stick to just a few pieces for now.


Get creative and combine different types of chains

By combining different chains, you get to play with texture, colours, designs, and so forth, therefore making sure that each chain ‘pops’ out.


Think different lengths of chains

Again, the trick is to let the personality of each chain shine and not outdo each other, so mix and match different lengths of chains instead of going for just one length. You may want to start with a necklace that drapes close to the neck. By combining different lengths of necklaces, you can achieve that cascading, effortlessly chic look. If your favourite necklaces are of the same length, you may consider using necklace extenders to lengthen them.


Make a statement!

Layered necklaces shouldn’t be bland. Go for an eye-grabbing impact and layer different designs and types of necklaces together. Some that we can think of: shell-shaped necklaces, bar necklaces and of course, beautifully sculptured necklaces! The choices are endless.


Pay attention to your neckline

Decide on your necklaces based on the cut of your top. The cut of your top acts as a frame for your necklace. Your necklaces should complement, and not compete, with the cut. 


Feel free to use different types of metals

The previous thinking was to stick to one type of metal, but if you are confident enough, why not mix and match? Think not only different metals, but also weight, texture, colour, stones and cost, and let your imagination and creativity guide you.


Be mindful of your bust size

If you have a bigger-than-average bust size, you may want to keep your necklaces above your bust to avoid the “uniboob” syndrome.


Personalise your necklaces

Personalize your pendants by having them engraved with your name for that unique look. What’s more, personalized necklaces are also the perfect gift for someone, whether it’s your partner, friend or your family member.


Go back in time and think retro

Digging back into different eras offer you more choices of necklaces to choose from. For example, if you feel like going for a hippie look, why not go for beads and floral necklaces? Yearning for a Victorian style? Why not choose Victorian-style enamel pendants? Go a step further and mix and match necklaces from different decades.


Be bold!

If you have the confidence, why not make a bold statement with your layered necklaces? Some that we can think of: chunky necklaces paired with bold, detailed ones. Or what about snake, silver, ropes, beads and cables? Don’t worry: they won’t look garish or too over-the-top if you know to style them properly.


Ever considered a coin necklace?

The coin necklace is a must-have accessory for every girl. This type of necklace has been spotted on celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens, Olivia Wilde and Charlize Theron. The trick is to make the coin necklace the focal point when layering with your other necklaces.


Another cool type of necklace: the seashell necklace

Harper’s Bazaar recommends it; Vogue lists it as a must-have accessory. Yep, it’s the seashell necklace, and it has been spotted on the necks of celebrities such as model Gigi Hadid who sported the puka choker during Fashion Week, as well as on fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni. Yep, the seashell necklace is back in fashion, so go on, and rock it!


During cool seasons and weather, pair your necklaces with warm sweaters.

If the weather is cold, why not layer your necklaces with a warm knitted sweater or cardigan? Not only is this look comfy, but it is effortlessly cool to look at!


Sometimes, Simple Chains Are The Best

If you’re afraid to let your necklaces look busy and over-the-top, go for simple pendants. They are classy and never go out of style.


But most of all, break the rules. Seriously!

With all that said, feel free to break the rules! There are no standard rules to how you should layer and style your necklaces and pendants! You know what looks cool and what doesn’t. So go on, be confident and most importantly, be you.

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