• It's Never Too Early to Do Your Xmas Shopping!

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well actually, almost. It’s about time you start formulating the gifts list to avoid things getting hectic at the last minute. We thought we’d help you out with some options that would make your loved ones feel special and stylish. They’re some of our bestsellers too, so they’re guaranteed to impress!
  • How to Dress Up for An Online Interview

    Do you have a big interview coming up and want to make a strong first impression? Well, we have some tips to get you started. Looks matter more in interviews than we think, so nailing that look can move you a step closer to being their favorite candidate. Let’s start by telling you that your outfit is only half of the story; there is a way to stand out far more from other interviewees and that is through a simple yet forgotten thing: jewellery. 
  • Add a little sparkle to your life!

    sparkly piece is a must in everyone’s jewellery collection, but it’s crucial for it to be durable. Our white gold plated collection delivers quality and style, which is why we love it! It was so difficult to choose, but we picked out some of our favourite pieces to share with you, all are from Krystal Couture:
  • End the winter season in style, and nail the next one too!

    Winter can be tough. The rain, the breeze and the cold temperature combined make us want to wear hundreds of layers, but unfortunately we can’t layer shoes. Shiny leather boots don’t keep us warm and big snowboard boots don’t go well with most outfits. It often feels like we need to give up style for comfort, but we have a solution that will let you have both!
  • The Ultimate Guide to Layering Necklaces .

    Layered necklaces never go out of style. From Jessica Alba to Cara Delevingne, these celebrities prove that stacked necklaces are fashionable and stylish. Layered necklaces are too chaotic, you say? Layering necklaces shouldn't be a difficult task if you know how to do it correctly. In fact, you can appear smart, stylish, and on-trend with them.
  • How to Choose the Perfect Charm Bracelet

    Are you still looking for a one-of-a-kind item to complement any outfit? Why don't you give a charm bracelet a try? If you pick the appropriate charm bracelet, a charm bracelet may be a wonderful go-to accessory, which is where we come in. Continue reading to learn how to select the right charm bracelet for you, regardless of your accessorizing priorities!
  • How To Choose The Right Earrings Based On The Shape Of Your Face

    Earrings are the perfect accessories and must-haves for women. But do you get overwhelmed when choosing the right ones? One of the best ways to decide whether a pair of earrings suit you is to look at the shape of your face, and not simply what is in style.